Fun with Arduino

on 9/21/11
I have recently acquired an Arduino micro controller (by purchasing it) and have been using it to make all sorts of useless but still cool things.  See video below for the aforementioned awesomeness.

Why has the internet has "latched on" to the Vuvuzela?

on 6/24/10
Today, Youtube added a  button to it's video interface (it looks like a soccer ball) that, when pressed, produces the joyous music that is the vuvuzela.  The vuvzela is a small trumpet-like instrument that is played in Africa for celebration, and to annoy those around you.  No one really took notice to this small, incredibly annoying pitiful excuse for an instrument until the World Cup in South Africa.  When the games started many South Africans played vuvuzelas, much to the dismay of the other people in the stands.  See, the vuvuzela emits an ear-shattering 120dB of sound pressure.  That is almost as much as a jet engine.
  A typical vuvuzela

But, because the internet is full of people that latch on to anything remotely annoying and obscene, the internet community has gone crazy with vuvuzelas.   As previously stated, Youtube added a vuvuzela button that adds the glorious sound to any and all videos.  Also the popular imageboard 4chan added the wonderful sound of the vuvuzela to its website, much to the dismay of its users.  Several news reports have been aired about the vuvuzela.  Their is even talk of them being banned from the World Cup.  But yet the videos about the vuvuzela and the annoying "bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!"  continues from all corners of the internet.  
An image making fun of the vuvuzela noise on 4chan

Apple's Prototype iPhone LEaked

on 4/20/10
Gizmodo has got their hands on the iPhone 4G, which was apparently lost at a bar in Redwood City.  It was camouflaged to look like an iPhone 3GS, but it is the real thing because Apple wants it back.  There is a new for factor, volume buttons, front-facing camera, and it uses micro-sim cards.

Apple Sends out Invite for iPhone OS 4.0 Reveal

on 4/5/10
Apple Has sent out this invite today.  So, in 3 days we will find out what they've been cooking up.  Could OS 4.0 have multitasking? or iBooks for iPhone? We'll find out soon.

Cool Site of the Week: Topeka

on 4/1/10
Google-erm Topeka, is a new company that is using google's domain name,  It looks like google, searches like google, even emails like google.  But wait, it's actually google's new name!  Apparently a town in this strange land called Kansas (I think its in Japan?) renamed itself from Topeka to Google in order to convince Google to give them their new fiber optic network.  So, Google in turn renamed itself Topeka. 

This new Google has some really cool and innovative features.  Topeka has an Email client similar to Gmail, and with many of its cool features.  It can, incredibly, send and receive email in minutes!  You can even send images!
It also has a remarkably extensive search feature.  You can search the ENTIRE internet for images, websites, even video.  I can now find videos of cats playing the piano in a matter of seconds.  I don't know how I could live without this!  You can also search Topeka Maps to find places and streets just by typing in the address! 

So that's this weeks innovative and brand new website Topeka.  And remember, happy  April Fools Day.

Sneak Peak at iPad Dashboard App

on 3/29/10
Yesterday I posted a video showcasing the iPad App Store.  Well new video has surfaced showing the iPad's Dashboard widget application.  Who says the iPad doesn't run widgets?

Sneak Peak at iPad App Store

on 3/28/10
If you were lucky and preordered an iPad before Apple ran out, you may be itching to see the App Store in action.  If so, maybe this will help you through the difficult wait until iPads arrive.

Cool Site of the Week: My Life is Average

on 3/12/10
I figured Friday would be a good day to post this since it will have you hooked all weekend.  This cool site of the week is long over due., it's the amazing!  The whole site centers around providing short, almost tweet-like stories of average days.  Well, if coloring books and Harry Potter are average. The site has a kind of cult following of not-so-average people. Most of the stories are like they were written by children, but in a good way.

Dell "Streak" Tablet Flyer Shows a Rainbow and Amazon Partnership

on 3/10/10
Dell's tablet isn't exactly a secret.  It is most likely going to run Android, have a 5 megapixel camera and front facing camera, and a 5 inch tough screen.  But, according to these leaked internal documents show it will have a rainbow of wild colors, just like Dell's line of netbooks.  And, it will also apparently have Amazon MP3 music store, a Kindle app, and Amazon's digital movies.  It will also hopefully have the Android marketplace for a slew of apps.  Right now the Dell Streak looks a lot better then the iPad in my book, literally.
(info from Engadget)  

Weekly Time Waster: Tetraform

on 2/27/10
Tetraform is a unique game, you must crash ships together using magnetic pull to protect your planet.  The goal of the game is to have your planet survive through all the levels by crashing ships together using magnetism, but doing so before the get attracted by YOUR magnetic field.  The game is simple but gets very hectic as the levels progress.